About Us

The Self-Advocacy Network (formerly known as Self-Advocates of CNY) is one of the oldest groups in NYS.  Our founders (Mike Kennedy, Pat Felt, Pat Killius and later Perry Whittico) started the group in 1982 from a grant received by the Center on Human Policy at Syracuse University.  To this day, we still receive support of the Center.  One of our goals in the early years was to close the Syracuse Developmental Center.  Some of our core members lived at SDS.  They “Spoke UP” and got people to listen to their desire to move out of the institution into the community and  worked hard to close the doors forever. First opened in 1854, the Syracuse Developmental Center was one of the oldest institutions in the United States.  The doors finally closed in June, 1998. Their dreams were realized and the idea of self-advocacy spread throughout Syracuse, Central New York and eventually New York State.

Meeting Information and Membership
We meet the last Tuesday of each month at the Center on Human Policy, 805 S. Crouse Avenue (On the Syracuse University Campus) from 
We are Family....

Samantha LaRocque, President
Kevin Cobb, Vice-President
Chris Paronis, Secretary and SANYS CNY Board Representative
Dan Smith, Treasurer
Pat Killius- Founder
Lisa Obrist, Original Member & Sergeant of Arms
Anna Carroll, Alt. Sergeant of Arms
Sally Dickson
Dan Cuddy
Fran LeRoux
Darren LeRoux
Liz Sherman
Brinda Gardner
Chris Mansfield
Jennifer Romanow
Mario Alexander
Cyndy Colavita, Advisor
Jessica Bacon, Supporter
Jennifer Thau, Supporter
Nicole Spear, Supporter

Contact Us!
Self-Advocacy Network
805 S. Crouse Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2280
Samantha LaRocque, President
(315) 849-6145
Chris Paronis, Secretary